Monday, May 30, 2011

Fast Forward (13)

Hello all my fellow bloggers and readers, another week has begun and it's time to look forward and see what this week will bring.
I hope you will play along.

Book related

It has been a crazy week last week and I had to do so many things that reading wasn't something I got to do much of. I still need to read about 200 pages to finish Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, but it's so great that I sure it won't take that long.
I'm also reading Tales Of Aradia the Last Witch by Laura Antonia Freeman, very interesting and mysterious book. So far it's very good.

I'm sorry that I still need to post my reviews for the last books I read, I hope I can get it done this week.

I need to mention my giveaway.
I have a giveaway going on where you can win an e-copy of Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais.
The contest is open worldwide and last day to enter is Sunday 6/12.
There's a very good chance to win as there's not that many entries yet, so if you haven't entered and you think it's interesting, please do.
You can win an e-copy on the other tour stops as well.
Go to contest.

Other things this week

I don't have many things planned this week, it was a tough weekend so I'm relaxing today. I have plans with a friend to go to the movies one of these days, and then I need to catch up on some reading. (I always seem to need to catch up on some reading, there's to much I want to read:-)
I also need to do some cleaning, it's so boring but it needs to be done.

Tell me your FFW:
I would love to hear what you are reading this week and also tell me, what are your plans for the week?


Donna said...

Reading The Mistress's Revenge (it's wicked!) Have a meeting to attend as I am a member of our parish's Planning Commission. We are hiring for the position of Comprehensive Planning. More reading. And, somewhere in there, I need to make myself clean house! lol

Mysteriousrose said...

Hi Donna

Wicked book! that sounds very interesting;-) I hope you like it so far.

I hope the meeting will go as planned and that you will get the position filled. Good luck!

I so know the feeling about the cleaning thing, it needs to be done but you never feel like you have the time to do it.

Have a wonderful Monday and thank you for telling me about your week.

cleemckenzie said...

Just popped over from BookBloggers to join your site and say hi!

This week I'm reading Cutting for Stone and loving it. As to the rest of the week OMG! I have 1,000 words to add to my WIP, a desk top to find again--it's buried under notes and books and food scraps--and two blog posts to put up.

Wish me luck.

Mysteriousrose said...

Hi Cleemckenzie

Thank you for stopping by and for becoming a follower^^

Cutting for Stone sounds interesting, it's the best feeling when you're reading a book and really loving it.

Wow it looks like you have a lot of things to do.
Good luck with all of it! and I hope you find your desk top;-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm reading 'A Dance of Cloaks' and 'The Big Over Easy', and I might start something else before the end of the week. I've got lots of book club reads stacked up for June!

Other plans... well, I'm studying for my PhD and have to submit a conference paper before the end of the week. And I'm meeting friends for pizza on Tuesday. I think that's it for this week :)

Mysteriousrose said...

Hi Rachel

Interesting books your reading. It's always good to have a lot of books to read, how sad would it be if there was none?
I know I would go insane!

Good luck on you conference paper I hope it turns out as you want it to and I hope you and your friends have a great pizza "date" on pizza I get hungry already;-)

Mary J. said...

I'm reading Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. I have 4 kids who are wrapping up their school year and a vacation approaching quickly, so this week I will be doing lots of boring pre-vacation stuff while everyone is still in school. That involves things like buying sunblock, having kids try on clothes, then shopping for clothes when nothing fits! I will get lots of reading time in the car though, so I have to come up with some good reading selections!

Mysteriousrose said...

Hi Mary

Nice of you to join:-)

I hope you enjoy the books!

Vacation, where are you going?
boring pre-vacation stuff can be fun when you think about the actual vacation.
Reading time in the car is always great, have a great trip.

Have a wonderful Monday and thank you for telling me about your week.

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