Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Forward (12)

Hello all my fellow bloggers and readers, another week has begun and it's time to look forward and see what this week will bring.

Book related

At the moment I'm reading Unearthy by Cyndia Hand and I'm just about to finish The Unfinished Song: Initiate by Tara Maya.

As for reviews I'm going to post my reviews of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Token of Darkness by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes this week.

Other things this week

I'm going to a dog show this weekend, my dog Bonita is 8 months old tomorrow and I'm going to exhibit her in the puppy category. I don't expect anything and it's just for fun but it's a great way for her to meet other dogs and get socialized.

I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it no matter what and I look forward to a weekend getaway!

Here she is, new washed yesterday:

Tell me your FFW:
I would love to hear what you are reading this week and also what your're doing this week?


Spangle said...

Great feature and your dog is so cute!

At the moment I'm about 200 pages into Ken Follett's 'Pillars Of the Earth' (with about 700 pages to go!).

And on other matters, today is the start of the art exhibition that my art group has very year. I'm really excited to see what everyone has done this year.

Great blog!

Mysteriousrose said...

Hi Spangle

Thank you! and welcome to the blog.

Wow that's a lot of pages, I hope you enjoy the book.

Art exhibition that sounds interesting and so cool, thank you for sharing:-)

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